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Laos visa on arrival

Applying for a visa on arrival at any Lao port of entry has has got to be one of the easiest and smoothest process I’ve gone through.

I landed at Luang Prabang on my month-long tour of Indo-China. On entering the airport terminal from the tarmac, there’s a special booth directly in front of the entrance that you must head to. You’ll figure out which one it as there’s a queue of people standing in line, waiting their turn.

Fill in the application form along with the immigration card and keep your passport sized photograph at hand, along with the fees. Fees vary for different nationalities. For an Indian passport holders, it is US$ 40 plus a US$ 1 processing fee (quite steep, I admit, but totally worth it). Some nationalities pay far less. While a very few lucky ones pay nothing

At the first counter, deposit your passport along with a photograph, the application form and  immigration card. The officer will quickly check it, and ask you to proceed to the next window, which is literally around the corner.

Once you have collected your passport with your freshly affixed visa, proceed to any of the immigration counters for a final stamp, and you’re officially in Laos. How’s that for all under 30 minutes.

Note: This article considers visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. Please check whether your nationality is eligible for a visa on arrival. While most nationalities are eligible for a visa on arrival there are still some nationalities which would need to apply from their respective country of residence. I suggest you confirm the same before you make any plans.

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