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Sunset over Luang Prabang

After huffing and puffing for about 20 odd minutes, you’ve finally made it to the top of Phu Si Hill in Luang Prabang, an elevation of 100 metres.

Once you have caught up with your breath, weave your way through the crowd of other tourists and see what needs to be seen. Then settle at a good spot and wait for the sunset. I suggest you make it to the top at least an hour before sunset as there will be others too who will have similar thoughts as you. So before it gets too crowded, I suggest you see what needs to be seen, and then settle down at a vantage spot.

Once you are comfortable where you are, drink some water, look around, and perhaps say a few hellos to other travellers. And if you are carrying some serious camera equipment, now would be the time to set it up.

I think it is human nature, as the moment there is a bit of a buzz, people starts to get restless. You’ll feel it too because as the minutes race to sunset time, people will start to inch further, or look for a better ‘prime’ spot to get that perfect shot.

Then, as the sun turns from a bright white spot to a golden orange ball, the mood perceptibly changes. If you are shooting a video, it would be then about two minutes till the sun drops below the hills. If you are taking photographs, then I suggest you take as many as you wish. You never know which is going the be the one.

And just as quickly, immediately after the sun has set, the crowd starts to disperse.

Is it worth it? Absolutely.

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