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Give me my bowl of pho

If there’s one dish I can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Vietnam, then pho it is for me. 

After all that walking around the Old Quarter in Hanoi, dodging motorists on their mopeds and bikes, and generally making sure you’ve crossed these chaotic roads safely, why not stop by and indulge with a portion of pho. Pronounced as fe (like in fern), it is a hearty, flavorful soup with broth, noodles, herbs and chunks of meat. Comfort food at its best.

Walk around and you’re sure to find a vendor on any street corner or along the pavement, with the kitchen in a small hole. Of course, there are restaurants too. But who’d want to miss out sitting on a low plastic stool, in a cramped space, practicing with chopsticks and a spoon, and savouring every moment/spoonful, as life continues on the street just outside, as usual.

If you’d like it a bit more spicy, ask for some extra red chillies. It adds an extra zing, which makes it even better.

And all this for, what, about 25 cents. Heck, take me back.

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