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Hello, and welcome to No Fixed Address. It’s my way to go back in time and share all my travel experiences. Exploring new cities. Meeting great people. Enjoying the local food and drink. Or even applying for visas to new destinations. I’m sure there’s lots that will catch your eye.

Go on, explore this site. And if, in turn, it inspires you to get on the road, jump on a train, or simply hop onto a plane to a new place, then you’ll have made my day.



I've been travelling since 2000, visiting more than 50 countries, and counting.

However, while it's going to be impossible for me to write about each of them, this should be an excellent place to start your journey with me.



Looking for more details on how to apply for a visa? Trying to figure out the best way to get to your hotel from the airport or railway station?

Hopefully, you might find some of the answers to your queries here.



Whether it's a weekend getaway close by, or a month long trip across cities and countries, I've always enjoyed travelling.

While I'll try and document as many of my travels as possible, here is a good place to get started.


Let's connect.

Sure, I may not post all the time. Neither am I travelling every other week. Besides, air ticket prices need to be just about right. And of course, friends in far off places need to be welcoming and accommodating. But hey, that shouldn't stop us from connecting. Follow me on Instagram.