So, you found me. Cool!  Seriously though, welcome to No Fixed Address.

Why No Fixed Address, do you ask? It kind of sums up my mental state. All the time. Yes, Mumbai is my current address. At least for the moment. However, that doesn’t mean any other place can’t be my address. Invite me over, and I’ll happily make that my address. I’ll be more than happy to make that my address. Be it for a day, a week, a month or… You get the drift. 

I’ve always wanted to travel. Ever since I can remember. I can vaguely remember the first time I was on a flight, all of five years young. Or the first time I travelled by train and wondered at the train driver’s driving skills on being able to keep the train running on two tracks without jumping off the track. I remember sharing a map of the world with family, and proudly saying I’m going to see the world, pointing at various countries and cities, ruler in hand. They would have looked at me and thought, ‘poor kid’.

I don’t have millions stashed away in a secret bank account. In fact, chances are, most times, I won’t have too much money on me. However, that’s never stopped me from travelling. Yes, sometimes I get lucky too. Like the time I landed up in London in the summer of 2018 and stayed at a serviced apartment in the heart of Chelsea, on Kings Road for 10 days, absolutely free! Yup, fortune does smile on me once a while.

I’m not a bagpacker or budget traveller, nor do I splurge on expensive flight tickets and hotels. If I have friends in places, and they are welcoming enough, I’ll take it. Else, I look for good deals and grab it. Be it a weekend in a city, or 30 days travelling through countries.

I’m also not very good travelling solo. I tried it on a few occasions, with mixed results. I did my first solo travel to Nepal by land, and that was great. Checking out new places, and changing plans depending on the situation at that moment. Years, later, I did my second solo trip to Istanbul, and after a few days, holed myself in the hotel room, emptying the contents of the in-room bar. And then I did Toronto many years later, and I absolutely loved it. I stayed in a hostel and met some awesome fellow travellers. But after all these years of travelling, I do need company. At least one friend. Of course, the more, the merrier. And while I’ve done my fair share of package tours, it’s not something I do anymore. Unless the situation warrants it.

I run an advertising consultancy. And because of the nature of the work that I do, I could be sitting just about anywhere, managing and coordinating projects. All I really need is access to the Internet, a laptop and my mobile phone.

No Fixed Address is an opportunity for me to go back in time, and remember all the places, and people I’ve met on my travels. While I started seriously travelling around 2000, it’s only over the past year that I have thought of seriously documenting my travels. While I used to previously post on Facebook, Instagram has been my go-to these past few years. And now this blog. If it inspires you to get on the road or plane, and explore, then you’ll have made my day.

Finally, a shameless plug. Follow my Instagram account @nofixedaddrs and show me some love people. Drop me a comment, or a simple like will do too. I’d appreciate that, and promise to buy you a beer, when we meet next, wherever.