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    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

    When you’re traveling to a new place, there’s as much sightseeing you want to do in a day. At some point, you’d give those tired legs of yours a break and park yourself somewhere. It has its perks, believe me. Yup, discovering and savoring the local brew is one of those perks and joys of traveling. Chilled or at room temperature. In a mug or straight from the bottle. At a roadside joint, a local pub, or an outdoor café… it doesn’t matter. It’s a chance to mingle with the crowd and do as they do. Sit back, stretch those weary legs, watch as life goes by, and appreciate what…

  • Discarded Toyota Land Cruiser J series
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    The legend’s graveyard

    Driving through the highways in Oman, there’s one sight that you’re sure to see, time after time. A Toyota Land Cruiser J series. Beaten. Rusty. Or spanking new. And still cruising. Two Toyota Land Cruiser J series pickups resting while their drivers take a break. Am not sure why, but the 2-door SUV and the 2-door pickup seem to be a favourite vehicle of choice for many Omanis, and especially fishermen by the coast. On any day, you can spot several of them rumbling along the highway, desert roads and along the beaches in varying condition. Shiny brand new, or rusted and beaten down, they all seem to keep going…

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    The Red Dress Run

    There is something exciting about discovering a city for the first time. You never know what to expect on the next corner. Strange sights. Beautiful freeze frames. Or just plain hilarious moments. Yup, downtown Montreal didn’t disappoint in that respect. Something I don’t see too often. A horse waiting patiently at a traffic signal. It’s not every day that one gets to see a horse wait patiently at a traffic signal. Wedding guests dressed in their brightest and best, willing and more than happy to pose for you. Or men walking and running around in red dresses like it was the current fashion rage. Everybody in their finest, all set…