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Vienna’s friendliest bartender is at Centimetre VII

The next time you are in Vienna Austria, why not take time off your sightseeing and make a trip to Centimetre VII. Once there, find yourself a comfortable table with a view, or sit at the bar, order your favourite pint and get down to feeling right at home.
A customer sits by himself enjoying his lunch at Centimetre VII Vienna
A customer sits by himself enjoying his lunch at Centimetre VII Vienna

That’s what we did when we were in Vienna. On our first full day in the city, we found ourselves outside Alser Strasse Station. As we tried to figure out how to reach our first destination for the day, figuring whether we go north, south, east or west, something I am notoriously pathetic with, we stumbled upon this bar and restaurant on the corner of the street, just across.

Alser Strasse Station
Alser Strasse Station

Centimetre VII looked and felt comfortable, with its relaxed ambience. Which is normally a good sign. However, what caught my eye was the quirky signage through the restaurant. It’s like an homage to…  the centimetre. It didn’t come across as expensive, and they had a delicious selection of food. Depending on what you ordered, they were very generous with the portions.

View of Centimetre VII Vienna
Inside view of Centimetre VII Vienna

However, for me, the icing on the cake was the friendliest bartender you’ll have met. He was chatty and helped us get our bearings. And answered a million of our useless questions. I just hope he wasn’t muttering, ‘damn tourists’ half the time.

The friendly bartender at Centimetre VII Vienna
The friendly bartender at Centimetre VII

Now, if all bars and bartenders were like this. Cheers!


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