• Passing through the tea estates on the way to Ella
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    In praise of train travel

    What’s it about long-distance train journeys that brings out the little child in me. A sense of happiness each time I take my seat, listening to the train as it whistles past towns and the countryside. Hurtling through tunnels or racing with the setting sun. There is something that is magical and wonderful about train travel, letting me be the little kid that I always will be. Whizzing through a tunnel between Mostar and Sarajevo Hours spent watching from a window or door of a moving train, as scene after scene unfold. Striking up conversations with complete strangers as they get in at different stations, heading to places near and…

  • The historic Tram # 7N
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    The historic Tram # 7N

    While I am sure there are lots of cities around the world where you can see vintage trams, and perhaps travel in them, Stockholm offered me the opportunity to experience it firsthand. Grand Hôtel Stockholm The Djurgårdslinjen Line service between Norrmalmstorg and Waldemarsudde, also called Tram # 7N, is a well-maintained piece of history that plies this historic route. Some of these trams go back as far as the 1910s, right up to the 1960s, with most of them from Stockholm. However, a few of them are also from Gothenburg and even as far as Oslo. The Djurgården Line service Like the rest of the tram routes in Stockholm and…

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    Discovering Brahehus Castle

    A drive from Stockholm to Copenhagen take can anywhere between seven to eight hours, depending on traffic and how quickly you want to get from point A to point B. I like my pit stops. In fact, the more, the better. Once you are outside Stockholm city limits, find and get onto the E4 highway. This is an excellent motorway (though it can get monotonous) and stretches all the way to Helsingborg. From there, it’s not too far to the Öresund Bridge that connects Sweden with Denmark. Keep an eye on the road signs as you wouldn’t want to miss out on Gränna. In about four hours (for me  it…

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    Road tripping from Stockholm to Copenhagen

    I love road trips, though I haven’t done too many. I’ve always got my ears and eyes open to an opportunity whenever I travel with friends. Be it between cities, states or even countries. Which is how, on our second day in Stockholm, we figured that driving to Copenhagen wasn’t such a bad idea after all. As we were staying close to Stockholm Central, a visit to the Hertz office close by made sense. The drive time between these two cities is somewhere between seven to eight hours, depending on traffic and how quickly you want to get from point A to point B. However, as I was going to…

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    The train from Oslo to Stockholm

    In Oslo, we had time on hand and no clue on where we wanted to head to, or when. Which is how, walking around one evening, we found ourselves, quite by chance, in front of Oslo Central Railway Station. After a bit of discussion, we figured Stockholm was the prime next destination, and bought our rail tickets for the next day. I know there are various modes of transport between these two cities. A direct flight takes about an hour, but that isn’t as much fun. Besides, getting ready and heading to the airport a couple of hours before the actual flight can be a drag, especially when you know…