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    Tantallon Castle

    If your idea of an ideal castle is one with sheer cliffs and unparalleled views of the sea, then you are in luck. The castle offers sheer cliffs and unparalleled views of the sea. Tantallon Castle is about an hour’s drive from Edinburgh. Strategically located high on a cliff outside the town of North Berwick, it overlooks Scotland’s east coastline. Like many across Scotland, this castle would be attacked many times. It was originally built somewhere in the 1930s by William, 1st Earl of Douglas, and would, for much of its use, remain in the hands of his descendants. Despite being in a state of ruin, the castle has remained…

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    Robert the Bruce

    Nope. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks with you, nor is your imagination running wild. It is what it is. Robert the Bruce, King of independent Scotland from 1306 until he died in 1329. If you still insist otherwise, then blame it on the Caledonian pints you thirstily gulped down and the Haggis dish you greedily devoured. There, now, since that is out of the way, this is an introduction to one of Scotland’s favorite sons. A view of the town down below from Stirling Castle. When you settle down on the green grass at Stirling Castle and contemplate world domination, again, don’t miss out on the statue of Robert I…

  • The Three Graces
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    The Three Graces

    When in London City next, make sure to catch two installations around Piccadilly. While one is obvious, the other one is something you will need to crane your neck up to and is a lot more interesting – The Three Graces. Statue of Eros outside Piccadilly Circus station On every visit to the city, having passed through Piccadilly Circus so often, I have barely ever noticed my surroundings, absorbed as I am with the throngs of people that come here and other worldly distractions. Until one summer day, on my last visit. Taking a break from all the window shopping, I stepped out of one of many stores and decided…

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    How not to plan a trip to Norway

    Landing at Oslo airport has to be among the most surreal experience I’ve had in awhile. Not for anything except that it was the lousiest bit of planning I’ve done in ages. The problem was that we only decided to go there during a night of heavy drinking (which is generally when the grandest plans are made). All we had were our Schengen visas and our multiple entry visas into the UK. And so, that happy night in London, we decided, just like that, to head to Norway, with no further idea of what we planned to do there. We also figured that since we were going all the way…