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Tantallon Castle

If your idea of an ideal castle is one with sheer cliffs and unparalleled views of the sea, then you are in luck.
The castle offers sheer cliffs and unparalleled views of the sea.

Tantallon Castle is about an hour’s drive from Edinburgh. Strategically located high on a cliff outside the town of North Berwick, it overlooks Scotland’s east coastline.

Like many across Scotland, this castle would be attacked many times.

It was originally built somewhere in the 1930s by William, 1st Earl of Douglas, and would, for much of its use, remain in the hands of his descendants.

Despite being in a state of ruin, the castle has remained a tourist attraction.

However, like many historic castles across Scotland, it would be attacked and besieged many times. It finally faced its final defeat when Oliver Cromwell invaded Scotland in the early 1650s.

Strategically located high on a cliff, it overlooks Scotland's east coastline.

He laid siege to Tantallon Castle with thousands of his troops. Of course, the inevitable was bound to happen. And it did, exactly 12 days later, when the tiny force of Scots sheltered inside surrendered. The damage to the castle was so severe that it would never be occupied again.

For those too lazy to read, a brief history right here.

Nevertheless, despite being in a state of ruin, the castle has remained a tourist attraction over the centuries, drawing in famous visitors including Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, and even Queen Victoria.

There are golf clubs located close to the castle.

Of course, if you do not want to spend your life and time in ruins, then there is always the promise of playing some golf at the clubs located nearby. Just make sure to lug around your clubs. With views like this, it is the perfect spot to tee off.


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