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Kuang Si Falls: Luang Prabang’s hidden gem

Strange that I missed it in 2007. This time however, on a friend’s recommendation, I was going to see it . And oh boy, no regrets.

Kuang Si Falls is about 30 odd kilometers from Luang Prabang, and is about an hour’s drive, depending on conditions.

It’s unlike any other waterfall I’ve seen. From the bright green colours, to the way it flows down across three tiers. If you are looking for Instagram or selfie moments to capture, you’ll have lots of opportunities. And if you fancy taking a dip in the pool, then by all means, do so. There are changing rooms. Just make sure to carry your swimming shorts.

Should you be the more adventurous types looking to pump up your heart rate, go ahead and climb up right to the top. From there, I understand you can see parts of the waterfall and stream and a scenic panoramic view of the area beyond. I did attempt to try and reach the top but gave up midway (reminder to self: start getting in shape). I also recommend wearing the right kind of footwear as, unfortunately, I did see a few other tourists slip and slide away.

If you’re into animal conservation and protection, there’s also a bear rescue center immediately after the entrance. There were a few rescued beers chilling in their enclosure. While I’m not the zoo kind of guy, it was interesting to see how the enclosure was nicely done up, giving the bears ample space to do their own thing. Pick a souvenir or tee, if you feel like it, or wish to contribute.

To get to Kuang Si Falls from the city, I suggest you speak with the staff, at the hotel you are staying. We did that and paid around 50,000 kip (if memory serves me well). There would be, of course, other ways to get there. But I didn’t choose to explore any other means. There’s an entry fee of 20,000 kip to the falls.


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