• View of thatched hut on a pond at restaurant in Mekong Delta
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    A day in the Mekong Delta

    There is a reason why the Mekong Delta is called the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam. It’s a region that is blessed with endless rice paddies. The delta is so huge that it literally covers about two thirds of the southern part of the country. Farmers till their rice paddies The facts first The Mekong Delta covers more than 15,000 square miles. In fact, the Mekong river that finally ends here is, the seventh longest in Asia, and the 12th worldwide and traverses six countries including China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and of course, Vietnam. It’s biologically diverse, with a variety of animal and bird species. It’s also the agricultural heart…

  • Enjoying a beer on the other side of town
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    The old man by the river

    The centre of Luang Prabang is small. It has got just four main roads. So when you think you are up for a change and ready to walk to the other side of the bamboo bridge, go ahead and do it. You may be surprised as to whom you come across. Meet the locals on the other side of the bamboo bridge Easily covered by foot, one of these roads leads you to a small gated park, which is also a good vantage point to click photographs. Look carefully, and you’ll see a pathway leading to the bank of the Nam Khan River. There’s a lady sitting there who’ll collect…